What They Are and How to Compare Them


Different Kinds of Online Casino Bonuses: What They Are and How to Compare Them

Why would you not want benefits attached to something you already enjoy? Playing casino online is already a benefit in its own. You can play comfortably in your home in complete anonymity. Also, there won’t be anyone to taunt you to play at higher stakes; your decision is completely your own responsibility. If you decide to play it safe, who cares? If you decide to raise the stakes, you won’t be seeing expressions of disbelief either.

Casino bonuses make playing online all the more rewarding. You get to play games you love while getting some of your money back. However, you should be aware of the types of bonuses online casinos offer. Some are more beneficial than others. There are also online casinos that seem to offer more rewards to their loyal members. If your chosen online casino does not offer all types of bonuses, at least find out if it has the bonuses that you find most attractive. Here are some of the most popular online casino bonuses:

Bonuses for enticing the player

There are casino bonuses whose main purpose is to entice the would-be player to register. You could say that these bonuses are the ones that are frequently advertised in large prints upon entering any casino site. Of course, the games are already come-ons in themselves, but money back guarantees can definitely seal the deal.

* Sign-up or welcome bonus

The sign-up bonus is the reward a player gets once he or she registers an online casino account. Another name for this is the “new player bonus.” This bonus is quite popular that almost all online casinos offer it, but in varied amounts. Usually, through this welcome bonus, online casinos add a certain amount to the money deposited by the player. In some cases, the player gets the same amount that he or she deposits into the account. So if you sign up with $50 initial deposit, you will get an additional $50 that can be used in playing and raising your chances of winning.

* No deposit bonus

Other online casinos create an even more tempting bonus scheme. You do not have to deposit anything at all to register. Instead, the casino puts in money into your balance so that you can start playing. Usually, this amount is $10. If you get hooked, you might deposit more to increase your chances of winning beyond the $10 range.

* Preferred deposit bonus

If you are paying a certain way, say using a credit card, and that mode of payment is preferred by the online casino, you will get a preferred deposit bonus. If your preffered payment method is advertised by the online casino, you may think that you have finally found a compatible company.

Bonuses to enhace staying power

* Reload bonus

After you get yourself going in the world of online casinos, you find games that you truly enjoy and may want to keep on playing. This does not mean you are on your way to becoming a gambling addict; you may want to play from time to time. Reload bonuses further entice you to deposit more money into your online casino account. Like the sign-up bonus, a reload bonus can sometimes match the deposit, or 100%. This means that if you reload $50, you get an additional $50.

* High roller bonus

If you have been reloading more frequently, you will be getting your high-roller status. Bonuses in the high-roller category are given to players who have been depositing large amounts of money. The rewards are huge as well. A player who deposits a large amount will get an additional fraction of the deposited cost. For example, if the high roller bonus is 50%, a deposit of $10,000 will get an additional $5,000 to it.

Playing Rewards

* Loyalty bonus

After signing up and reloading regularly, you may start getting playing rewards such as the loyalty bonus. When you sign up, you start out as a newbie. But after a few more reloads, your online casino player status will be upgraded. Once you reach a certain level, you will get loyalty bonuses. The rewards you will get will depend on your chosen online casino. It could be in the form of additional money to your online account. Compared to a high-roller, a player with a loyalty bonus may have been playing for a longer period of time. The high-roller, on the other hand, deposits larger amounts at a time.

After discussing the common types of online casino bonuses, you can conclude that they are given to players of various status. The amounts and rewards given vary depending on the player status and how long the member has been playing on the casino site.

These bonuses surely have different purposes. There are bonuses that make casino lovers want to register, such as the sign-up and no deposit bonuses. Even the preferred deposit bonus has the same goal. This deposit provides convenience to some players. There are also bonuses that encourage players to get more hooked. A bonus of this sort is the no deposit bonus. Other bonuses aim to make players stay for long and keep on playing, such as the reload bonus and the loyalty bonus. Though the high-roller bonus is quite similar, it differs in the sense that it encourages players to deposit much larger amounts at a time.

Now that you know what to expect from being a member of a typical online casino, you can go to several casino sites to see which ones offer more bonuses. Check out those sites that do offer a lot of rewards and hassle-free requirements to qualify for the bonus. Find out if there is, somehow, a catch or a condition written in fine print that will put you at a disadvantage. Sometimes, casino sites that are too aggressive at providing bonuses and making promises are the ones that do not really deliver. Find out if you really need the bonus, and if that bonus can really make a good impact in your casino bets and wagers. Compare and contrast before signing up to any online casino.

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