An Introduction To Craps And The Basic Rules Of Play?


Many people are intimidated even by an introduction to craps because the game can seem quite complicated at first glance. However, the basic rules of play can be easily understood and with practice, the game will become much easier to understand and play. The game of craps has been around for many decades and is a firm favourite at casinos all around the world. The online version of the games is also quite popular. There is quite a lot of excitement involved and this is partially why so many people are drawn to this casino classic.

A Beginner’s Quick Guide To Playing Craps

Understanding the flow of the game is quite straight forward. The game starts with players placing their initial bets. One of the players would be the shooter. The shooter is presented with multiple dice and then chooses two with which to play. They would then roll the dice and this first roll is called the Come Out roll. If the shooter rolls a seven or an eleven then all the players that placed a Pass Line bet would win. If the shooter rolls a two, three or twelve then it is called craps and the Pass Line bets are lost.

The shooter will continue to make Come Out rolls until they roll a four, five, six, eight, nine or ten. Whichever number they roll would then be called the Point. The shooter would then continue to roll the dice. If they roll a seven now then the Pass Line bets are lost and the round is over. If the shooter rolls the Point number then the Pass Line bets will win.

This would then conclude one round of the game of craps. If the shooter failed to make a winning roll then the dice are passed to the player to his left and they would then become shooter for the next round. Players can opt not be shooter and simply hand the dice to the player on their left.

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